Static Voltage Regulator

Static voltage regulator is the optimum solution for the circumstances where constant power is compulsory, especially for high end electronics. It integrates with TSI’s exclusive pulse-width-modulation technology

To achieve the precise regulated 230 VAC output on simultaneous basis, IGBT determined converter acquire the incoming AC power, evaluate against nominal voltage. It evaluates the voltage by adding and subtracting as per 20,000 times per second. The term IGBT stands for insulated gate bi-polar transistor with high frequency converter.

The PWM machinery based static voltage regulator permit hassle free function of electrical tools over an ample AC input voltage range. Such type of machinery can handle the load, resist, install or restore with equivalent ease. Beside this, there is no switch of taps or break in power path, which ensures never ending power supply to the load, along with impartial voltage variations.

It is light in weight, convenient to install, plug and play with the static voltage regulator. There are available for indoor installation as well as outdoor installation.

Applications of Static Voltage Regulators:

• CNC machines
• Industrial process control, Automation & Robotics
• Automated Petrol Pumps & Dispensers
• Banks, ATM’s
• IT, ITES & Data Centers
• Printing Machines
• Mobile communications (MSC/ BTS sites)
• Radio base stations / TV broadcasting
• Radar & Microwave Stations
• Laboratory or Analytical Measurement Equipment
• Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital equipment
• Security, Screening & X -Ray Machines
• Malls, Multiplexes, showrooms, villas,
• Residential & Commercial establishments